Once upon a time, a young man decided to hit the gym with some friends at their regular spot, Minato-ku Sports Center. It was a workout date that seemed like any other, only this time a young woman happened to be in town meeting a friend who had flown in for a short time.

The young woman, having a fitness competition coming up, decided to go to the nearest sports center to get a workout in before showing her friend around Tokyo. Together they visited Minato-ku Sports Center for the first time.

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, it wasn’t long before the young woman spotted the young man lifting things up and putting them down. “Look at that hottie” she said to her friend from out of town before she made her way over to him.

Innocent and unaware, the young man had just finished a set, and was catching his breath when the young woman approached him. Shy and caught off guard, he used what little Japanese he knew as the young woman proceeded to nanpa. It didn’t take long before the two hit it off, and the rest, is history 😉